Jinsheng is specialized in providing quality frozen seafood manufacturers  

As one of the leading professional frozen seafood manufacturers in south of China, Fujian Ningde.we specialize in producing yellow croaker and also developing diversify products like yellow corvina , Roasted Eel, Frozen Red Drum Fillet, Frozen Red Sea Bream(WR, Fillet),  Frozen Sea Bass Fillets, Salted Shrimp, Frozen Abalone, Frozen Dried Anchovies. etcWe are pound of to be OEM packer for our customer from USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, Australia, Asian countries, etc

What We Have

1. Since 2000,which serve customers from more than 20 countries

2. More than 420 employees

3. Cover an area of 23,000 ㎡with fixed assets of $ 10 million

4. A modern cold storage with a capacity of 8,000 tons 

5. 3,600 square meters for packing material warehouse

6. 15,000 square meters of modern processing plant

7. Annual processing capacity is up to 27,000 Tons.

8. With certification of QS, CIQ,HACCP, ISO9001, soon will get EU.

What We Provide

1. Provide customers safe high quality seafood.

2. All products are sourced from CIQ certified fishing vessels and farms.

3. Equipped by advanced facility, operated by experienced professional staff and QC team.

4.Raw material & consumer products are assured all year around